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Twitter Marketing

Twitter Marketing-

Twitter’s popularity is growing at a phenomenal rate because today people don’t have time to read the long pages. We all want summary and Twitter offers it. In this microblogging platform you need to complete your story is just 140 characters. Twitter followers help you to build relationship and drive website traffic and improve the sales. At Net Tech, we offer Twitter marketing certification course that teach you a detailed plan for using Twitter as a tool for marketing. With more than 500 million active users, the businesses cannot afford to miss out this opportunity.

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Twitter Marketing Course Details

NetTech India’s Twitter marketing training programme will help you to promote your business on Twitter. The strategies offered by us will definitely have an impact on the way you promote the business. This strategy will help you to engage more followers, re-tweets, engagement and people clicking on your profile. This course will not only teach you about the fundamentals of this marketing tool but also help you to excel in your business niche. With this marketing, you’ll learn about Twitter marketing fundamentals like how to schedule a tweet, how to set up a business page, how to use hash tags to increase the user base, and much more.

Twitter Marketing Training Course will include:

  •  A brief introduction abut Twitter
  •  How it works
  •  How it is different from Facebook
  •  The complex terminology of Facebook
  •  Why people tweet and how you can use it for your advantage
  •  What kind of marketing tool is Twitter?
  •  How a company can grow the business using Twitter
  •  How a company can grow the business using Twitter
  •  How to grow your followers base
  •  3rd party Twitter tools and how it can be used to improve your marketing
  •  How to promote your products on twitter
  •  How to sell products using Twitter
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Course Objective

The objective of this course is to prepare an action plan for your business and let the business improve its follower base. This tool will help you to understand how to generate sales and what pitfalls that you need to avoid.

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