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Career opportunity after completing following course :

• Network Engineers

• Solution Network Architect

• Networking Administrators

• Networking Specialists

• Network Support Specialists

• Network Consultants

• System Engineers

• Network Architecture consultant

• Network Professional

• Network Technical Executive

• Network Data Professional

• Network Operation

• Wireless Engineer

• Technical Support Engineer

• Network Security Engineer

• Manager (Various Network position)

• Cisco Firewall Engineer/Manager

CCIE Routing And Switching Training

In Nettech India located in Thane, Mumbai & New Mumbai, we provide you the best CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert)Routing and Switching certification with an incredible infrastructure which is being taught by Cisco certified faculties. Here the job placement is also 100% and at the same time the preparation for examination for certification is also very dedicatedly done with complete focus on syllabus using different tried and tested techniques. Students who learn Cisco CCIE from Net Tech India get the perfect platform under the expert guidance of its faculties for getting the expertise in this particular Zone in terms of Cisco Certification, Career and Future growth. The environment required here for learning Cisco CCIE is absolutely fantastic and excellent.

It also covers the implementation of MPLS, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP,multi-cast routing, Zone-based firwalls, NTP, DHCP, troubleshooting and optimization of network using the implementation of SysLog and local logging, NetFlow, FTP, Remote monitoring(RMON), SCP and Telnet, STP loop and root guard, VTP, routing protocols, switched board analyzer (SPAN) and HDLC and PPP.

NetTech India enables students to acquire CCIE number with the help of real lab dumps and blueprints.

Cisco CCIE is further classified into CCIE Collaboration, CCIE Security and CCIE Service Provider. CCIE Data Centre & etc.

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