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Advances PLC Course In Mumbai

PLC : Siemens - SIEMENS - S7/1200 series / AB - Micrologix1400 / Delta-DVP Series

Manufacturing Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Plant Operations Managers, Maintenance Personnel or other work force included in arranging, configuration and setup of manufacturing facilities and faculty who experience control frameworks in their course of every day capacities. It will likewise advantage the individuals who may program, installing equipment, maintaining equipment, purchasing or implementing cost reduction and automation programs, or maintaining and troubleshooting PLC based equipment.

This course is intended for individuals who have past experience in PLC programming and might want to enhance their programming and troubleshooting skills.

You ought to as of now have taken the Introductory Programming Course or have genuine experience before taking this course.

What are the Benefits?

• You'll pick up in-depth knowledge of PLCs, I/O, and C-More Operator Panels.

• Excellent preparing for maintenance staff empowering them to troubleshoot and install PLCs.

What to Expect ?

A lot of Hands-ON! : There is NO BETTER WAY to learn PLC programming than to dive in and begin programming! From DAY ONE you will be figuring out how to configure, specify, program and troubleshoot a REAL PLC control system! Every work station has a genuine PLC complete with functional Inputs and Outputs. The instructor, draws on his different foundation to make the programming illustrations reflect REAL-WORLD circumstances in such a way to the point that WILL keep you intrigued all through the whole course.

8051 Micro Controller
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Course Syllabus

• Introduction to PLC hardware/architecture and role in automation

• Architectural Evolution of PLC

• Introduction of the field devices attached to PLC(Push Buttons ,Selector switches, Coils, Lamps etc)

• PLC Fundamentals - (Block diagram of PLC's)

• Detail information about PLC components Power supply, CPU, I/Os, Communication bus

• Various ranges available in PLC’s

• Types of Inputs & outputs / Source Sink Concepts

• Live Wiring of the I/O devices with PLC

• Introduction of Timers, Counters and its types

• Selection of PLC depending on projects and I/Os

• Programming of PLC using Ladder Logic

• Upload, download, Monitoring of programs

• Monitoring / Modifying data table values

• Standard procedure to be followed in wiring / writing ladder etc

• Documenting the project

• Identifying the status of PLC and communication bus

• Fault detection and error handling

• Forcing of the I/O’s

• Back up of the programs and reloading

• Replacing the faulty modules

• CPU, I/O, Communication module replacements, troubleshooting

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