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Zend Certification lends PHP programmers an edge over the others, enjoying standardization to the job they are doing, and also recognition at the time of reviewing their salary by end of the year. Hence, the Zend certification proves useful when there happens to be a vacancy in a leading organization for a PHP programmer, and interview being conducted amidst heavy competition. In actual, Zend Certification sets apart the developer who has mastered PHP and Zend Framework for practical applicability.

Mentioned below are a number of benefits that Zend certified personnel enjoys in their career as well as in their personal life. One can view them by scrolling down the bar:

• Gain recognition from your employer and boost your value

• Get your resume/CV noticed and differentiate yourself when competing for a new job

• Get featured in Zend's Certified Engineers directory for PHP professionals, used by recruiters to find top PHP developers worldwide

• Participate in the ZCE exclusive group on LinkedIn

• Get recognized by the PHP community as a proud and dedicated supporter of PHP

• Get a free perpetual copy of Zend Studio

Furthermore, the employer who employs Zend certified PHP programmers are tend to enjoy the following benefits:

• Standardizing and ensuring a high level of expertise in the PHP development teams

• Implementing industry best practices in PHP development organizations

• Maximizing team productivity and performance

• Presenting a superior professional image to the customers and partners

• Gaining competitive advantages compared to other software development organizations

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Following are the topics that Zend certification covers:

A. PHP Basics

B. Functions

C. Data Formats & Types

D. Web Features


F. Security

G. Strings & Patterns

H. Databases

I. Arrays

J. I/O

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