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Penetration Testing popularly called as a pen test. This test safeguards the computer system from the unauthorized access. The test is typically performed using manual or automated technologies. NetTec India’s Penetration Testing course enables one to perform these testing by using both technologies. Once the vulnerabilities are identified on a particular system, the testers are used to find the loopholes and to launch subsequent exploits to achieve higher levels of security clearance.

The main benefits of penetration testing are:-

- It helps to manage vulnerabilities easily.

- It reduces the network downtime

- Helps to adhere to the regulatory requirements and avoid penalties

- Helps to build brand image and customer loyalty

The company hires a penetration tester with proper Penetration Testing training to protect the business from the risks or security breaches that may occur.

Why is penetration testing done?

Security breaches and vulnerabilities can lead to the financial loss and threaten the reputation of the organization, erode the customer loyalty and impose the penalties; hence penetration testing certification is a tool that safeguards the information. Another benefit of penetration testing is it is a way better than traditional tools. The traditional tools used to prevent breaches include user access controls, cryptography, IPS, IDS and firewall technologies. However, these technologies are not able to eliminate the organization’s vulnerabilities and protect the security hazards, this tool helps in that. NetTech India offers the best Penetration testing course.

Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking helps the organization to protect its network, endpoints from external or internal attempts to circumvent the security hazards so that no unauthorized person can gain access to the internal information. Moreover, the pen tests provide detailed information about the security threats. By performing a pen test, an organization can understand which vulnerabilities are more critical and which are less significant and which are over-hyped. This allows the organization to intelligently apply the much needed security patches and to ensure when and where they are needed most. These tests are of three kinds comprehensive penetration testing, application penetration and wireless testing, each one offering different benefits. NetTech India is one of the leading IT training institutes providing Penetration Testing training in Thane, Mumbai.

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