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PCB Design Using Orcad 16.2

8051 Microcontroller

A printed circuit board (PCB) designer utilizes computer programs to outline circuit boards, which are utilized as a part of PCs, gadgets, phones and different hardware. Work prerequisites shift by executive, however PCB outline is regularly taught as a component of electronic drafting or engineering programs, which are offered at the undergrad levels.

PCB designers regularly work for electronic component or semiconductor makers. They outline the circuit boards that are regularly green in shading and utilized as a part of electronic items. They must incorporate integrate circuits and PC microchips into the configuration of their boards, for utilization in items, for example, mobile phones, appliances and PCs.

PCB designers use industry-standard PC programming programs to help and execute the outline process. Amid the design transform, a PCB designer needs to comprehend where to place parts, conductors and hole mounts, and also make details, circuit routing, schematics and configuration testing. A large portion of these designs procedures are as per gauges created by the IPC Designers Council, which creates standards for manufacturers and, at times, accomplices with educators to help with PCB design courses.

A Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) is a tough, copper and non-conductive substrate based structure to unite electrical components (for instance the green board inside a typical electrical apparatus is a PCB). The PCB is the foundation of electrical gadgets, permitting you to interface uninvolved (resistor, inductor, capacitors and so on… ), dynamic (operational speakers and so on… ) and embedded devices together, into particular structure components to fit the design need. Associations between the parts are made through copper connetions(routes) which become passageways for electrical signals.

Nettech India turns out with thorough hands on Summer/Winter Training Program on PCB Design in view of the real business requests. The course is gone for developing interest of Professionals in the business. The system is a perfect establishment for Engineering, Diploma and Science understudies endeavoring to enter this energizing field of modern Electronics.

8051 Microcontroller

Why Training in PCB?

• Printed circuit boards are at the heart of each gadgets circuit.

• The littler size and more usefulness desings require extremely keen PCB Design.

• Indian PCB industry is developing at a quick pace with an aggregate generation of 50 million Sq. m. what's more, a turnover of USD 450 million.

• 45% of aggregate generation is sent out starting at this point.

• Majority of applications require smaller feature size and multi – layer designs.

• The design ought to be of blended innovation and ought to be working at rapid

• Use of expanded robotized way to deal with minimize the design time

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Course Contents

• Fundamentals of electronics

1. Fundamentals of Electronics, The electronics Components and their consideration in circuit design

2. Introduction to analog and digital circuits

3. Introduction to various measurement tools

4. Use of breadboard/ bare PCB for designing, assembling, soldering and mounting of components

5. Testing of Assembled circuit

8051 Microcontroller

• PCB Design

Introduction to Printed Circuit Boards and their design, Component Identification, Collection of Database, Component symbols and their footprints., Understanding the circuit Schematic., Introduction to consideration of creating a new PCB ,Start of a New PCB creation, Browsing footprints libraries, Setting up the PCB layers, Design rule consideration,Track width selection, Component selection, Track routing Polygons, Output Generation.


Industrial Exposure

• Industrial Visit to manufacturing plant for PCB Production and Assembling.


• After completion of the course a training certificate will be provided by NTI which is valued by industry.

• A certificate of “INDUSTRIAL SUMMER TRAINING” will also be provided upon completion of training and submission of report on training.


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