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OCP Certification - Oracle Certified Professional

Net Tech India offers the right technology to the right people who they think are capable. For Oracle Forms Developer Certified Professional Exams there are a number of leading experts and trainers who provide support and training to the students. This team of expertise is a highly qualified team and is extremely trustable.

Course Details:

Oracle Forms Developer 10g is used to build high performance applications for the Internet. Forms Developer is a web based application development tool that helps in quickly constructing database forms and business logic with minimal of effort.

In this course students build, test, debug, and deploy interactive Internet applications. Working in a graphical user interface (GUI) environment, they develop an order entry application from the ground up. This application incorporates several advanced features that provide a rich user experience while implementing business rules.

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Contents of the Course are as follows:

Oracle Forms : Build Internet Applications(1Z0-141)

• Introduction to Oracle Forms Developer and Oracle Forms Services

• Running a Forms Developer Application

• Creating LOVs and Editors

• Creating Additional Input Items

• Creating Noninput Items

• Creating Windows and Content Canvases

• Working with Other Canvas Types

• Introduction to Triggers

• Working in the Forms Developer Environment

• Creating a Basic Form Module


Oracle Certified Associate(OCA) Certificate

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