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Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster-

If you want to increase website or business presence on the Internet, Google is a primary tool. This tool helps to optimize the website on Google. It is a powerful guide that helps you to get started with fewer efforts. NetTech Google webmaster course will help you to manage the errors that may cause your website poor rankings. In this Google webmaster training, you will learn the fundamentals of Google Web Master. Moreover, the course is structured in a way that both the beginners and professionals can take advantage of it. The course helps to explore each and every corner of webmaster tools along with the live examples. This course safeguard you with the issues related to your site and lets you know if the website is infected from malware or not. And the best part is the tool is absolutely free. If you don’t have a web master account, go ahead and log in.

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Course Details

The course is perfect for anyone who has a website or anyone who is looking to track town site. It is helpful for the webmasters who wants to optimize the websites using search engine. The course will provide you details about introduction of Google Search Console, site dashboard, the right panel, the search appearance, search traffic, Google Index, crawl, etc. This tool will provide you an in-depth understanding of SEO, link building, adwords, PPC. It will also shed light on the context of website health and SEO. The tool will help you on how to add a website, verify it and fetch the other details. After completion of this Google Webmaster training course, you would be able to maintain the web environment by identifying the system requirements, how to install the upgrades and post the updates. You can even monitor the website’s total performance with the help of this webmaster tool. This tool actually helps you to communicate with Google and adjust different aspects on how Google views your website, including external and internal links to your site, crawl rate at which Google Bot indexes your website, check the keywords, and the types of users that enter the website, see the statistics, and much more.

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Course Objective

The objective of the course is to help understand the concepts and methodologies used in SEO optimization, by covering different topics and scenarios.

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