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Google+ Marketing

Google+ Marketing Course

Google has indicated that in order to gain priority in the eyes of search engine, Google+ is one of the biggest platforms. If you aren’t active or taking the benefit of Google+ yet, it’s time to become active now. Today, Google+ has over 540 million active users now, but importantly it is becoming integrated with other social networking platforms like You Tube, Google reviews and more. The businesses cannot afford to ignore Google Plus because it is integrated with Google search platform too. So, if you want to increase your business presence you must publish it on the Google Plus. If you still don’t understand the details of Google+, it’s time to act now. With it, you can discover the tremendous potential and use it to grow your business. So, don’t waste time in making the mistakes, discover how to get the instant results faster.

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Course Details

Google+ is not yet another social networking platform, it is a product of Google and therefore it is important to leverage the benefits of it when it comes to the search engine optimization. In this training, we will help the students on how to use Google+ for business marketing. The Google+ Marketing course includes

  •  Google+ Trends, statistics and challenges
  •   History of Google+
  •  How Google+ operates
  •  Understanding about circles, hangouts and other features
  •  difference between business page and personal page
  •  how to create Google+ page for your business
  •  How to share status updates on the page
  •  How to use Google plus as a marketing strategy
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Course Objective

The objective of the course is to make the students aware about how Google plus platform operates. With this course, the students will be able to discover how Google+ impacts search, including tips and tricks to maximize your business presence. The course will make you equipped about the latest changes happening around. The course goes beyond basics and makes you learn about the benefits of one of the most powerful tool.

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