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8051 Microcontroller

Embedded ARDUINO Course in Mumbai is particularly composed with a target to give a sound stage to the students and set them up for an effective profession in the field of Embedded System Design.

The Course offers the right stage of classroom educating, quality hands-on preparing on actual hardware. The course incorporates a project work fill in too.

This Professional Courses helps in building up the essential abilities crosswise platforms and procedures while the Corporate Trainings drive enablement on particular apparatuses and advancements.

NetTech India conveys comprehensive yet tweaked courses that enhance capability on fundamental ideas and also advanced tools and methodologies.

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Content Covered:

ARDUINO Overview and History

1. How it all got started.

2. Compare ARDUINO to other Mobile Platforms

3. Why ARDUINO is Important?


1. Overview of the Stack

2. Linux Kernel

3. Native Libraries

4. Dalvik Virtual Machine

5. Application Framework

6. Apps

SDK Overview

1. Platforms

2. Tools

3. Versions

Basic Building Block

1. Activity

2. Intent

3. Content Provider

4. Broadcast Receiver

5. Services

Hello World App

1. Creating your first App

2. App Directory Structure

3. Manifest File

4. Layout Resource

5. Android Virtual Device (Emulator)

6. Running your App on Emulator


1. What is Activity

2. Activity Lifecycle

3. How Activity introduce to Manifest

4. Handling User Events

Basic ARDUINO User Interface

1. Views and Layouts

2. Common UI Component

3. Defining Default Resource

4. Create Alternative Resource

Advance User Interface

1. Adapters

2. SimpleCursorAdapter

3. ArrayAdapter

Advance Component

1. Selection Component

2. Complex UI components

3. Menus and Dialogs

Introduction to Fragments

1. Introduction & Implementation of Fragments

2. Fragment Manager

3. Fragment Transaction

4. InterFragment Communication


1. Role of Intent

2. Types of Intent

3. Intent matching rules

4. Filters in your manifest

SQLite Database

1. Introduction to SQLite Database

2. SQLiteOpenHelper and Creating database

3. Opening and Closing a Database

4. Working with Cursor

Content Provider

1. Introduction to Content Provider

2. Defining URI for Provider

3. Content Provider MIME Types

4. Introduction to Content Resolver

5. Access Predefined Content Provider

Broadcast Receiver

1. What are Broadcast Receivers

2. Implementing Broadcast Receiver

3. System Broadcasts and How to use them


1. Overview of services in ARDUINO

2. Implementing a Service

3. Service Life Cycle

4. Started Services Vs Bound Services

5. Implementation of Started & Vound Services

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