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Chip Level and Mobile

Every technology comes with its pros and cons. So, just like you need a specialist when you ill, our laptops, desktops too require a mechanic who not only repair our laptops but also troubleshoot all the technical concerns. The chip level training course is a fully comprehensive course that helps you to learn about the repairing techniques that you need. Our course focuses on different chip level repairing aspects. With this course certificate in hand, the students can gain knowledge about

1. Laptop Chip level Repairing

2. Motherboard chip level Repairing

3. Advance Chip level Laptop Repairing

4. Mobile Repairing

Why you should select this course?

After completing this Chip level repairing course, you can start earning instantly. After gaining this certificate, you can even learn about the advanced computer repair skills which will help you take a job in the IT firms. Upon the successful completing of this Chip level repairing course, you will have a mastery over the other courses too like security and networking.

What will you learn through this course?

The course will help you to gain insights on the different topics like

The basics or fundamentals of electronics

Laptop Basic Hardware

Assembling and disassembling and reassembly of laptop

Troubleshooting the errors

Soldering techniques

Laptop Motherboard repairing

How this course will improve your career prospects?

A laptop technician or a specialist is a demanding job and will help you fetch better career opportunities. With this course you can also become an entrepreneur, select own career path and work as a freelancer.

Why Net Tech?

Net Tech is a reputed institute that keeps on upgrading its syllabus to match to the competency of the industry. Our experts are highly trained and specialized in their field and impart training in commonly understood language. The students will have a practical lab session through which they can improve their skills.

Chip Level Repairing Institute, motherboard Repairing, Notebook, Laptop Tablet PC and Mobile Repairing Institute in Thane & Mumbai. We provide computerized chip level Repairing course, Laptop Repairing course, Desktop Repairing course, Live Project Training, service center training, Tablet PC Repairing course, Tablet PC Motherboard and Mobile Repairing from basics to advance our repairing courses are very popular among corporates and students. We are equipped with highly sophisticated instruments like laptop scanner, BGA reballing machine, Debug card, laptop analyzer, smart, twizzer, microscopic & endoscopic IC tester, BIOS programmer, CPU socket Tester, Battery Booster, DC Regulated supply, SMD Rework station. We are specially focused on Laptop and Desktop repairing as well as LCD repairing, hard disk repairing, SMPS repairing and Mobile repairing specially smartphones and android phone as well as IPhones. We also provide fast track courses, evening, and Sunday special classes for working professionals.

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