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We cover here the topics about implementation of EIGRP, EIGRP routing plan and verification of EIGRP implementation plan.

Some of the CISCO CCNP Course outlines are as follows:

Here the student's will acquire knowledge about how to implement multi -area OSPF network, EBG-based solutions,IPV6,Layer 3 Path control solution along with configuration of broadband connections and GRE. It also covers Branch Access Technology concepts. In this section, NetTech India will provide knowledge about Cisco OSPF and OSPFv3 routing in SP environment.

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Nettech India located in Thane, Mumbai & New Mumbai, provide best Cisco CCNP Switching study material for their students. Students will also get this information through Cisco CCNP Switching ppt and pdf.

In Cisco CCNP Switching exam students can acquire knowledge about how to implement VLAN-based solutions, Security extension of Layer-2 solution, Switched-based Layer-3 Solution, preparation of Infrastructure to support advanced Services, implementation of Wireless extension of Layer-2 solutions, VOIP support and Video support solution.

NetTech India Students also learn about creation of High Availability of implementation plan along with implementation of first hop redundancy protocol with supervision redundancy.

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NetTech India helps you to acquire knowledge about how to monitor and maintain Network performance.

Cisco Tshoot course also includes sections like :Troubleshooting, Multi-protocol System Network like EIGRP,OSPF, BGP, Net routing Distribution solution, DHCP,IP routing(IPv4 and IPv6), ACLS and PACLS private VLANS,VOIP and Video supplement Solutions, Switching of Virtual interface and Supervisory redundancy, Troubleshooting issue related ACLS.

Net Tech India provides excellent Cisco Tshoot practice labs for students.Net Tech India also provide Cisco Tshoot exam questions and Cisco Tshoot demo answers.

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