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Angular Course

Angular course enables the candidate to learn and master process of Web development with Angular. The Angular course will help you to gain immense knowledge of related concepts like Typescript, JavaScript, Es5, Es6 and understand the process of testing of Angular class. This Angular training course will teach you the concepts related to Angular like single web based application, typescript, components, model view controller, etc. The Angular training course is easy and one can develop the robust application for projects of different types.

Course Objectives

By the end of the angular course,you will be able to master and understand about

- Learn the angular architecture

- Work with help of TypeScript

- Learn the components and the concepts related to data binding

- Learn how to work with service and dependency injection

- Validate model driven forms

-The concept related to filters and directives

-How to use Angular CLI / Bash

-How to develop user friendly UI.

Why Net Tech?

NetTech is a reputed institute that offers high quality Angular training. Our trainers are highly qualified and are backed by multiple years of expertise in the field of front end development technology. Moreover, all our classes are interactive and we insist students to ask questions and participate in discussions for their overall development. However, we also provide recordings of each session in case the student missed the class or for future reference.

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