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The course is a part of the Microsoft Professional Program in Artificial Intelligence. It is one of the important technologies in the digital age. Understanding complex language is also an important part of artificial intelligence.

What will you learn through this course?

In this course, you will get an overview of Natural Language Processing and how to use classic machine learning methods. Through this course the candidate will learn about statistical machine translation and deep semantic similarity models and their applications. Through this course, the candidate will learn about reinforcement learning techniques used in NLP and Vision Language Multimodal Intelligence.

What you will learn through this course?

Through this course, the candidate will be able to

 Learn and apply deep learning models to solve machine translation and conversation related concerns.

 Use structured semantic models on information retrieval and natural language application

 Use deep reinforcement learning models on natural language application

 Apply deep learning models on the image and visual question answer

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What NLP tutorial will cover?

The Natural Language Processing tutorial is a comprehensive package that will cover the fundamentals of NLP and Python package natural language toolkit. The course trains the children to become familiar with the concepts like lemmatization, tokenization, regex, and tokens or stemming. It also discusses about the concepts like normalization, tagging of raw text. The tutorial also entails machine learning language like Naïve Bayes. After taking this course, the students will be able to grasp the basic terminologies and concepts related to NLP.

What is NTLK?

NTLK is an acronym that stands for the natural language tool kit. It is a comprehensive package of symbols and statistical analysis. NTLK is written in Python language. Over the last few years, the language has become highly sought after in both research and teaching. The course improves the capabilities of the students and teaches them the concepts of tokenizing, parsing, identifying the different entities and much more features. The course tutorial includes many different modules. Through this course, the child will be able to apply the knowledge gained during the course.

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