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Data Mining Course

Data Mining Course
The course in data mining will make the candidate certified in the field of data analytics. The candidate will learn about the most demanding concepts and technologies including data science, SAS, Python, Big Data, Hadoop and implement the same to gain an advantage.

What are the course objectives?

The data mining course will validate the candidate ability in the various fields including statistics, hypothesis testing, decision tree, cluster analysis, logistic regression, data valuation, regression, Spark, PROC, SAS Macros, advanced analytics, Matplotlib Excek analytics, Hypothesis testing, Kafka Interface and Zookeeper. These skills will further help you to strengthen your role as a data scientist. The program will provide an access to the high quality content to ensure that you follow the right path.

What is data mining?

Data Mining is a simple process of collecting the information from the huge database and then putting the information in a way that is most relevant to the business. To make the matters clear, data mining is a process that includes a set of different methods to discover the cause and effect relationship. We can, therefore, call data mining as a combination of different fields like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, data room virtual base management, pattern recognition, data visualization, machine learning, prediction analysis through the statistical methods and so on. The primary goal of the course is to extract information from various data sets in an attempt to transform the same into understandable structures that can be further used. Data Mining is the process which is used by the data scientists and machine learning enthusiast to convert large data into something usable and relevant.

What topics would be included in the course?

Through this course, the candidate will be able to learn about:-

 Statistics and other measures related to it including central tendency, dispersion techniques, skewness, graphical representation, probability, distribution, etc.

 Learn about different statistical techniques like scatter diagram, correlation coefficient, confidence interval, Z distribution, which is required in Linear regression learning

 Learn about the use of R for creating linear regression

 Learn about the science behind data mining, sentiment analysis, etc.

 Understand about the K means of clustering algorithm and how to use it.

The course topics would include basic statistics, hypothesis testing and parametric, predictive analysis, data mining and clustering using R, clustering on mixed data, high dimension data analysis, text mining using R, Forecasting using XL Miner, Recommendation Mining, Recommendation mining rules and other related topics.

How the course will be beneficial for your career?

The course is exactly what it offers- it means mining the raw data to obtain meaningful information. There are various sectors and industries that have benefited from this course including the healthcare industry, financial industry, and much more. Hence, the demand for such professionals is high in number.

The main benefit of this course is to increase the customer satisfaction, create the targeted advertising campaigns, to improve the customer experience and hence the profit, to improve product safety, to create a successful marketing approach etc. This course will definitely make you stand tall from the crowd.

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