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Oracle DBA, Oracle Apps DBA, Oracle Database Administrator, Oracle Developer, Oracle RAC Administrator, Data Warehouse Expert, Oracle App Developer, Oracle Dataguard Administrator Oracle Goldengate Administrator.

Description :

Data Guard is basically used for protecting the Database from any disaster that may be from any climatically disaster or any other Disaster like Fire etc. Oracle Data guard course in mumbai enables the students to protect the database from such disasters. NetTech India’s Oracle Data guard training in mumbai also provided knowledge of how Data Guard is used as a backup of main database to avoid any data loss due to data corruptions. In Data Guard certification we maintain the copy of the production database as a standby database. If my production database goes down due to any reason we can switch over to our standby database, we can convert this standby database into primary database and start using this database as production database by the help of Oracle Data guard training. The Data Guard is free of cost with Oracle database. Due to Data guard course we have a high availability of a database, data protection from any corruption or disaster. The Data Guard course is also used for improving the performance of our database by sharing the load between primary database and standby database. NetTech India also offers various Oracle courses like Oracle golden gate and RAC.

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