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App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization

If you are beginner to App Store Optimization and app marketing, all the information could be bit overwhelming. Hence, at Net Tech we provide you education that will assist you to learn the skills you need. Our on demand videos and tutorials cover various aspects of marketing. We constantly update our educational material to remain abreast with the latest changes. Our professional certification will help you to build your career and to remain up to date on the latest app marketing strategies.

Course Details

Our course material will include the tips and strategies used to market your apps. With our course module you can remain up-to date with the cutting edge marketing techniques and improve the downloads and revenues significantly.

The details of the course:

  •  Keyword Research
  •  Description Optimization
  •  App Screenshots
  •  App Screenshots
  •  App Landing Page
  •  App website
  •  App Review
  •  App Store Report
  •  Forum Announcement
  •   Online Ad Networks
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Course Goal-

Our course objective is to train you in a way that helps you to boost your app downloads and increase the revenue significantly.

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